Network Antioxidants – Vitamin C

Everybody is familiar with vitamin C which you might know asascorbic acid (AA) or dehydroascorbic DHAA in its oxidized state. In fact, vitamin C is virtually a generic name for any compounds that show the same biologic activity as AA . It’s importance was initially recognized in 1747 when James Lind found that men could be cured of scurvy when offered oranges and lemons. It was a lifesaving breakthrough for sailors and the expression Limey’s was rapidly adopted referring to the sailors in His Majesty’s Royal Navy.

Vitamin C is the most important and accessible water soluable antioxidant within your body . Its water solubility means that it can scavenge free radicals before they reach the cellular membrane layer. The relationship between Ascorbic Acid and glutathione- the body’s master antioxidant is unique. Vitamin C returns glutathione back to the active form. Once reduced, glutathione will regenerate vitamin C from its DHAA or oxidized state. This why Vitamin C is an ingredient in Dr Kellers Glutathione Formula Vitamin C is essential for the creation of collagen. It is also important in the development of norepinephrine and serotonin. Ascorbic Acid might also have some anticlotting and blood flow advancement qualities by stimulating the release within the body of Nitric Oxide, which is the most likely reason that Vitamin C is also a major ingredient in the supplement Pro-Argi9-Plus

Vitamin C is held in both the tissues and blood in our bodies. The adrenal and pituitary glands, and lens of the eye contain the highest concentrations of vitamin C inside of your body. Vitamin C is one of the thirteen essential vitamins. Although the term “Essential” is often confused. What it really means is that an essential vitamin is one that can only come from our diet since we cannot produce it within the body.

Lipoic Acid in Cellgevity and MAX GXL

Found in each cell of the body – a lot like glutathione – alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant that helps your cells metabolize sugars into energy. Unlike antioxidants like Vitamin C which is only water soluble or vitamin E which only works in fat , ALA works in both water and fat. It can work anywhere in your body. Like other antioxidants, ALA scavenges free radicals -metabolic waste – from your cells before they grow to be crowded and toxic from a build up of waste. In contrast to many other antioxidants, Alpha lipoic Acid can help to replenish other antioxidants after they have collected the stray electrons and renders them able to continue to neutralize more free radicals.

ALA is also used as a short form for Alpha Linolenic Acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid, connected with heart health, but this is different from Alpha lipoic acid – also known as Lipoic Acid.
Many studies have shown that ALA may possibly be able to help decrease levels of blood sugar and combined with it’s antioxidant properties, ALA may be valuable to people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, relieving some of the discomfort created by nerve damage.

Scientists are examining alpha lipoic acid to measure its effectiveness against glaucoma but they are yet to collect sufficient data, but since it can pass readily to the brain, it is possible that ALA may be useful as a defense against brain and nerve tissue damage. ALA is presently being studied as a possible treatment for stroke and other brain problems with root causes based on free radical damage. Dementia is one such condition.

ALA is an ingredient in Cellgevity and Max GXL where it contributes to the regeneration of the network antioxidants and supports the glutathione network.

Acerola in AIO

Vitamin C may improve the body’s defense mechanisms and develop collagen structure. In inclusion, it facilitates the respiratory process. Vitamin C is recognized to turn out to be a simple yet effective anti-oxidant.

The antioxidant characteristics associated with acerola let it to be a perfect component in natural skin care things to battle cellular ageing. In an additional review, acerola plant had been confirmed to boost the de-oxidizing activity associated with soy as well as alfalfa components, behaving synergistically. This can be advantageous in heart disease.

There’s a achievable advantage to making use of acerola to offer an outstanding source of vitamin C. The benefit is actually that a person is offered with not simply ascorbic acid but also many other beneficial nutritional nutritional vitamins belonging to the fruit.

This particular Minor plant or shrub features five petalled blossoms that range from something from light red to light in shade. Acerola fresh fruit is known as a vibrant reddish cherry-like berry that consists of many tiny seed-stock. Fully produced fruits tend to be light and good tasting. They consist of eighty percent liquid. The berriess degrade swiftly when used off the sapling.

A bushy plant as much as twenty feet, Acerola’s usually develop tiny multi-trunked shrubs. Trees and shrubs not having passable pollination may establish seedless berries. Blossoms usually show up following periods of rain as well as irrigation. Blooming may well take place throughout the calendar year (depending upon regional rain fall as well as temperatures patterns), and may proceed all year.

Because the fruit rapildy loses quality after harvesting, you won’t see acerola in your local grocery store, Whichis unfortunate considering the benefits of this antioxidant food, but you can gain the benefits of acerola as it’s one of the ingredients in AIO- Premium Cellular Health

Have You Tried ACAI?

Acai is a Portuguese name for a kind of palm tree that is indigenous to central and South America. It commonly grows in Brazil and Peru, in swampy areas and floodplains. Scientifically the tree is referred to as Euterpe oleracea. The Portuguese name means a plant that cries or expels water. In the current times, the acai has become very famous especially for its fruit; which is small, round and black-purple in color. This acai fruit is used by the Natives in the Brazilian Amazon as food. It is also served as a pulp and a beverage.

Globally, the interest in acai has been mainly because of its dietary content, anti-oxidant abilities and of course the use as a weight loss option. The dietary content of the fruit is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, nutritional vitamins and low sugar value amongst others. In the market, the acai is sold as a dietary anitoxidant supplement, with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey promoting it through Dr. Oz. Acai is just one of the antioxidant foods in AIO – Premium Cellular Health

Acai is believed to have antioxidant qualities. Some studies have shown that it has polyphenol and antioxidant anthocyanins, some nutritional vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, phytochemicals and minerals. These de-oxidizings are believed to have ailment-prevention abilities, thus supporting the immune system of individuals who take this antioxidant food. It has flavanoids that are responsible for countering sicknesss such as heart diseases. Extracts of acai are believed to have an impact against peroxyl, peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals. Scientists have shown a link between damage of the free radicals and chronic illnesss such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s illness amongst others.
The dense dietary value of the fruit is also shown to suppress one’s appetite, hence the use as a weight loss option. It enhances the libido, reduces inflammation and is believed to increase stamina and vitality as well as delay growing old

When Free Radicals are Actually the Good Guys

I find the most difficult concepts to fully grasp about health and how your body works, is that everything has a reason and although some things like redox molecules can be harmful, they are also totally necessary.

The problem lies in how our life styles and our environment have modified much more quickly than we can keep up with. Consider something as simple as the consumption of farmed foods. You know, grains like corn, rice and wheat? Most people accept that we evolved to eat them, but that’s not the situation. Our cells and basic digestive needs haven’t evolved since our cavemen – hunter/gatherer roots and hunter gatherers were not farmers. Although we’ve been consuming bread for thousands of years, there are many scientists and nutritionists that will claim that actually -such foods don’t fit with our design.

So, if we haven’t developed enough to eat the crops we’ve been growing for thousands of years, just consider how our bodies (at the cellular level) are reacting to things like cigarrette smoke, drinking alcohol, air pollution, prescription drugs and the chemicals that are a part of our food.

The answer is”They haven’t”

Now think about free radicals which are also known as ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species – ages before we acquired so many new external sources of free radicals, they were produced by our bodies as an inevitable byproduct of our immune and metabolic processes AND we had the all-natural ability to maintain control of them. Now, that’s different and for many people it’s really important to supplement with antioxidants to reduce the injury that can be caused by all the free radicals that our lifestyles have inflicted on our bodies. There’s one reason for all the need for antioxidants, but there is actually another element to think about. A different view is that although ROS can be highly damaging, redox reactions are also part of the basic chemical processes of life. Lately, it has become ever more apparent that ROS/redox molecules also play a function in the regulation of many intracellular communication pathways that are essential for normal cell growth and inflammatory reactions that are essential for our defense.

One example is Nitric Oxide which performs a function in nerve and vascularnerve and vascular function and regulation of the immune system. Another even more stunning example is that ASEA, which is a dietary supplement that contains millions of redox signaling molecules can enhance the effectiveness of your body’s antioxidants by more than five hundred%

Redox molecules are an essential element of many metabolic pathways; they are part of the flame of basic energy producing processes. We have had to evolve complex mechanisms to live with these reactive molecules and can use the reactive nature of these molecules for intracellular signaling. Therefore, a key concept in dealing with redox reactions must be to control but not eliminate, for turning off production of ROS is tantamount to turning off the engine that powers us.

Resveratrol is an Important Antioxidant in AIO

Resveratrol can be explained as substance which is by natural means created by many plant life as part of the natural defenses–to safeguard theirselves from the outcomes related with inadequate developing situations, extreme climatic situations as well as assaults from unwanted pests and disease. Resveratrol continues to be identified of getting highly effective antioxidant action within animals. For it’s anitoxidant benefits, Resveratrol is included in AIO Premium Cellular Health.

Several tests demonstrating the advantages to well being from reasonable dark wine consumption started the study on the benefits of resveratrol about ten years back. Red wine is different from light wines in that it’s fermented using the the grape containing resveratrol cases found throughout fermentation. The fermentation procedure contains the resveratrol in the finished red wine.

Current research on animals shows resveratrol to be able to significantly improve expected life, enhance stamina, and imitate the medical advantages of a calorie limited consuming plan. Also, resveratrol continues to be proved to be an effective antioxidant that can help reduce redness, and heart disease. In a nutshell, resveratrol continues to be proved to be perhaps very valuable!

Resveratrol helps maintain glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity. This tends to make it an anti-diabetic compound found naturally. This could maybe help reduce dependencies on medications for some.

Many research have found it to increase testosterone production. For athletes this a natural and wholesome advantage in muscle gain. By growing the body’s own manufacturing of testosterone muscle power, mass, and recovery from workout is increased.

Resveratrol can be used in pill form in which it has a seventy % assimilation rate. This is much higher than many vitamins and mineral deposits. research have found taken with meals helps it bypass the intestinal consumption of it. This means consuming when taking Resveratrol will increase total assimilation. It is suggested to take it at least three times a day and at lowest in two-hundred and fifty milligram doses.

Your Heart Needs Extra Antioxidant Protection

The human heart is certainly a miraculous organ . Even before your birth , the muscles that make up the heart are already at work , moving oxygen enriched blood to each point in you and drawing oxygen depleted blood back to the lungs. On average, the heart will beat 37,869,120 times every 365 days , year after year. That’s around two and a half billion heartbeats for a lifetime .

Obviously , your heart is your powerhouse and it’s worth protecting. As you already know , nobody can survive without a working heart and statistically with an average of two deaths a minute , forty percent of all the deaths in the U.S.) are from heart disease, led by CAD- Coronary Artery Disease

Because it’s the hardest working muscle group in the body, your heart muscles will produce an abundance of energy and it’s this high requirement for energy production which renders your heart susceptable to the problem of free radicals. Hence , your heart has a large need for antioxidants, the most important of which is Glutathione.

Your Heart’s Energy Production

The heart’s astounding ability to produce energy is rooted within every cell’s power plants called Mitochondria. Each cell in every organ possesses these little energy making sites . Most cells will have a couple of hundred mitochondria, but the cells in your heart have about 5,000! The power that’s made in the cells, comes in the form of a compound known as ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Unfortunately , producing energy has a by-product .

The by- products of energy production are damaged molecules – free radicals and with so many mitochondria in the cells of the heart , there will also be a matching production of free radicals . Without the intervention of antioxidants , free radicals will create a chain response within the cells that can damage them and their components – including the cellular DNA.

Heart Disease and Coronary Artery Disease

Arteriosclerosis – Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) commonly called hardening of the arteries or loss of arterial elasticity is a leading cause of Heart disease. It has been connected to something known as lipid peroxidase. That’s what you get when the lipids in your heart are converted into free radicals. Lipids, are a molecular group that includes sterols, waxes, fats and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. In addition to having high levels of Free radicals, patients with CAD also have depressed amounts of antioxidants including Glutathione. Missing a sufficient reserve of antioxidants to scavenge free radicals in the heart, this organ and its arteries will be subjected to a condition known as oxidative stress.

Our Bodies are designed to clean up the free radicals created by normal processes, however many people are subject to extra stresses that weren’t part of the original plan . These stresses include environmental chemicals (and especially cigarette smoke!), nutritionally inadequate diets, the unhealthy pace and emotional stress of everyday living and weak condition of the bodies from a lack of exercise. This has placed our antioxidant resources at a terrible disadvantage.

Why You Need More Glutathione and Other Antioxidants

As we age , our systems naturally begin to slow down. The mitochondria in our organs gradually produce less energy and we also produce less glutathione – which is vital for a healthy heart. Building up glutathione supply will not make us live forever, but when you think about how hard your heart works , it must make sense to improve our diets , live a healthier lifestyle and take concrete steps to increase our supply of glutathione.

Oral Glutathione supplements are not effective, but you can increase your glutathione with a glutathione precursor like Cellgevity .

This is Amla- AIO Antioxidant Drink

Amla fruit, better known as the Indian Gooseberry is a bitter, sour astringent and stringy fruit. It is found on a tree capable of growing up to eighteen meters with spreading branches and a crooked trunk. Given it’s taste , it’s tough to understand why anybody would eat it, but amla is truly quite outstanding.

In preliminary research, the Amla Fruit has evidenced both antiviral and anti microbial qualities. There is further proof from research that extracts of amla fruit can promote apoptosis (programmed cell death) in some bone cells which are directly connected with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

As recently as 2011, a research study found that therapy with the Amla Fruit lowered the intensity of acute pancreatitis and also created unassisted restoration and regeneration of the pancreas immediately after an serious occurance. In a distinct recent study with diabetic rats, an amla fruit extract produced a considerable decrease of the blood glucose and triglyceridemic levels and at the same time enhanced liver function by normalizing the activity of a liver-specific enzyme.

Amla is additionally being studied as an anti cancer option and a sampling of test preparations created using different parts of the tree – including the fruit- have demonstrated some possibilities against laboratory versions of inflammation, diabetes, some kinds of age related renal disease and some cancers. It has been proven to avoid cataracts in diabetic individuals. In a Japanese study the Indian Gooseberry fruit extracts avoided the creation of cancerous cells, particularly cells from the womb, skin and stomach .

Amla has been demonstrated to lessen blood cholesterol ranges in men and in India, where the Phyllanthus emblica grows, it’s used by natural healers to treat untimely hair loss. A potent antioxidant, Amla has a higher density of tannins.

As well as its other recognized anti inflammatory properties, The Indian Gooseberry has been observed as effective against hay fever and can lower joint inflammation. And if that isn’t sufficient, it can be a helpful stress reducer- improving sleep, releasing muscles and in general exerting a calming effect.

Amla with it’s feasible anti-cancer attributes is only one of the fruits used to make AIO Premium Cellular Health. This highly effective antioxidant is only one of several antioxidant rich foods in this outstanding antioxidant drink.

The antioxidant drink – AIO- Premium Cellular Health contains Amla, Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberries, dark cherry and cats-claw.

Inflammation is a serious health issue

Inflammation is a pain. Actually, it’s a process by which your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect us from infection and foreign substances like toxins, bacteria and viruses . But , in auto immune diseases, the immune system inappropriately sets off an inflammatory response without reason and results in damage to itself The immune system attacks healthy tissues as if they are infected or contaminated . When inflammation occurs , chemicals from the body’s white blood cells are loosened into the bloodstream and/or afflicted tissues in an attempt to rid the body of alien toxins . This release of chemicals adds to the blood flow to the immediate area and may result in heat, swelling and redness . Unfortunately , inflammation can stimulate nerves and create significant pain.

Arthritis is a well known term that is about joint inflammation . Some, but not all, types of arthritis are the result of long term inflammation. Some types of inflammatory arthritis include:rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis and Gout .

While you often won’t have them all , the basic symptoms of inflammation are swelling, redness, pain or stiffness in the joint and a decrease or loss in function In addition to that , Inflammation might as well be associated with general “flu-like” signs like – feeling chilled or feverishness headaches and a lack of energy lack of appetite and muscle stiffness.

Although the immediate discomfort created by inflammation can seem lousy enough, the extra cells and fluid – in the long term damaging the cartilage (cushions at the end of bones) and joint lining. Inflammation can also affect organs. The type of symptoms depends on which organs are affected .

    An inflamed heart (myocarditis) may result in shortness of breath or leg swelling
    Inflammation of the small tubes that transport air to the lungs can lead to an asthma attack
    Inflamed Kidneys (nephritis) can lead to elevated blood pressure or kidney failure
    Inflammation of the large intestine (colitis) can create cramps and diarrhea.

Pain might not be an obvious symptom an inflamed organ , since many organs don’t include many pain-sensitive nerves.

There are a variety of treatment alternatives for inflammation , but typically , the medical community will rely on prescription anti-inflammatories, pain medication, rest, exercise, and surgery to correct joint damage.

The goals of treating inflammation are to:

Avoid or modify activities that aggravate pain
Relieve pain with analgesics (pain- relief medications & anti-inflammatory medications
Maintain joint movement and muscle strength through physical therapy
Reduce loads on the joints by using braces, splints or canes as needed

What’s absent are the preventative ideas or treatment courses designed to basically help your body by boosting your antioxidant levels , improving your diet , cutting stress levels and dealing with everyday toxins – because they truly are everywhere. Antioxidants will aid your body to overcome toxins.

Boost your Glutathione Levels with RiboCeine

A next generation health product has been introduced to aid in the manufacture of glutathione. In case you’re not familiar with Glutathione, it delivers a number of important benefits to your health that include strengthening your immune system, removing everyday toxins from your cells , helping to combat inflammation and scavenging oxy- radicals.

Oxy- radicals are a critical issue because the stress that free radicals cause in your body has been linked to over seventy four serious illnesses and disorders and the main tool we can call on to help avoid the damage resulting from oxidative stress is Antioxidants. Antioxidants are elements that can stop the spread of free radicals, which left alone will create an endless chain reaction of damaged molecules that eventually damage the host cells and the systems in your body . With the many antioxidants available to us , one of them does a superior job of defending your cells against free radicals and that antioxidant is Glutathione.

Glutathione is naturally manufactured in your body. Unfortunately , aging slows the production of glutathione and -when you need it most, your Glutathione levels decline . It would be simple to fix if you could just supplement with glutathione , but that doesn’t work . Oral glutathione supplements are not effective , because as they pass through your stomach , the glutathione is damaged by your digestive acids and can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The strategy that actually works is taking glutathione precursors. These are the raw materials that the body needs to produce glutathione naturally . By providing your body with an added source of the ingredients it requires , blood and liver glutathione concentrations are boosted naturally – and significantly . To date the most effective precursor supplement that I know of to support glutathione levels is MAXGXL from Max International. But now it appears that this company has gone one step better with the introduction of a new Glutathione precursor called MAXONE.

MaxONE includes its own compound called RiboCeine, that has been featured prominently in MAX ATP (I’ll write about ATP in another post ). RiboCeine takes its name from D-Ribose – a very basic version of sugar that helps the body produce ATP and L-Cysteine, perhaps the most critical building blocks from which we make glutathione. While MAXGXL uses a blend of L Glutamine and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), MAXONE uses RiboCeine, because it is better at protecting the Cysteine as it travels through the digestive system and deliver more to the cells, resulting in 300% higher liver glutathione levels.

ProArgi-9Plus is another excellent example of the progress made with precursors – in this case – ProArgi 9 Plus provides your body with L-Arginine which is a precursor for Nitric Oxide.